This page lists my published works of fiction. For the sake of clarity, these are fictions qua fictions — stories written as fictions first and foremost, submitted to or commissioned by fiction venues. The degree of fictionality in my other ostensibly non-fictional works is a variable quantity, highly dependent on format, venue, inspiration, and the generosity of editors.

Short stories

“On the Messdecks of Madness”, in Fables from the Fountain (Newcon Press), 2011; OUT OF PRINT

“Biz be Biz”, cowritten with Gareth L Powell, in Colinthology (Wizard’s Tower Books), 2012

“A Boardinghouse Heart”, in Noir (Newcon Press), 2014

“It’s a detective story — or at least it’s a story with a detective in it — set on the slippery streets of a richly realised city. The protagonist, as should be the case in all good noir stories, is hopelessly out of his depth and beset by those more powerful and cleverer than he is […] a fine achievement and worth the price of admission on its own.”

Martin McGrath, Vector

“Los Piratas del Mar de Plástico”, in Twelve Tomorrows 2014 (MIT Technology Review), ed. Bruce Sterling, 2014; republished in Year’s Best Science Fiction #32, ed. Gardner Dozois, 2015

“… [t]he best stories [in TT2014] are Lauren Beukes’s “Slipping” and Paul Graham Raven’s “Los Piratas del Mar de Plastico”, both of which manage to inject human drama into their visions of the future, as well as characters you care about who are faced with situations where they have something and something significant at stake.”

Gardner Dozois

“Staunch”, in Cyber World (Hex Publishers), 2016; republished in Best of British Science Fiction 2016 (Newcon Press)

“Each story in this outstanding collection is set in a near-future society with intriguing technological advances, but the social and cultural implications of these developments vary widely […] Paul Graham Raven’s “Staunch” takes a dystopian view of copyright and license agreements that affect custom-built organs.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“… pushed just about every stylistic button for me — mix of bio/technical/cyber/genetic fiction, plus political/economic commentary — and a whole bunch of other stuff — while telling a tight story.”


“… post-collapse England is decidedly Brexited and the NHS has suffered terminally. All hope is not lost though, in what is essentially a classic redemption story set against a well-realised near future.”

Gary Dalkin, BSFA Review #3 (Spring 2018)

“Rust (City) Never Sleeps”, in Riffs Journal 5(1), 2021

“Facing Kiruna”, in Phase Change (Twelfth Planet Press), 2022

‘Raven does an excellent job of being earnest […] while also genuinely telling a story.’ / ‘It’s a powerful story on many levels.’

Alexandra Pierce, Locus (January 2023)