The Future of Housing and Home

The Future of Housing and Home 2030 was a special edition annual report from the UK housing charity Shelter, which was co-produced by The Futures Company (TFC) in 2016.

TFC worked with Shelter to produce four scenarios for the UK housing sector circa 2030, and then reached out to me to provide a set of four short stories (or vignettes) which would illustrate the scenarios as seen from the perspective of the unhoused or precariously housed.

This was an exiting project to be called in on. It’s always good to get to use your artistic skills for something other than mere entertainment—not that “mere entertainment” isn’t a worthy goal in itself, to be clear!—but it’s particularly pleasant to work with an organisation whose concerns and priorities overlap strongly with your own.

(Much kudos and many thanks to both Shelter and TFC for publicly crediting my work in this report, too. It doesn’t happen as often as one might like!)