Published in Cyber World (Hex Publishers), 2016

Republished in Best of British Science Fiction 2016 (Newcon Press)

Each story in this outstanding collection is set in a near-future society with intriguing technological advances, but the social and cultural implications of these developments vary widely […] Paul Graham Raven’s “Staunch” takes a dystopian view of copyright and license agreements that affect custom-built organs.

Publisher’s Weekly

… pushed just about every stylistic button for me — mix of bio/technical/cyber/genetic fiction, plus political/economic commentary — and a whole bunch of other stuff — while telling a tight story.


… post-collapse England is decidedly Brexited and the NHS has suffered terminally. All hope is not lost though, in what is essentially a classic redemption story set against a well-realised near future.

Gary Dalkin, BSFA Review #3 (Spring 2018)