Hiya; thanks for visiting my website! My name is Paul Graham Raven, and I'm a freelance writer and academic researcher with the University of Sheffield's Pennine Water Group.

As is probably obvious, I'm long overdue for having done something more interesting or useful with my canonical domain name, but you know how things are - there's always something else that needs doing! But if you're curious about me and the sorts of things I'm interested in, you could always go check out my personal blog, Velcro City Tourist Board, or visit Futurismic.com, the long-running science fiction webzine of which I am editor-in-chief (and which is in low-output mode while I complete my MA in Creative Writing).

Or, should you want to send me an email, put the name "paul" before the curly little 'at' symbol in the address field, and then add the domain name of this site to the end. I'll get back to you just as soon as I can... unless you send something about fake Rolex watches, male enhancement products or celebrity scandal pictures, natch. ;)